End of a cycle

I was recently teaching a class about home funerals and green burials to a church group. Towards the end of class I mentioned that it is sad, very sad, to lose a loved one, but that I truly felt we did not die. I thought that it could bring comfort to think about the fact that we go on in some form or another and that death is a transition not an end. One of the women in class spoke up and said, “You can believe what you want, but I believe when I die that’s the end of a cycle and nothing continues. It’s the end of a cycle. Period.”

There are as many ways to view death and dying as there are people. And all views are to be honored, I believe.  This woman’s reply felt angry to me, and evidently I said something to trigger that within her. But when it comes to the topic of death and dying feelings are so intense and they are not necessarily “logical.” It again reminded me to be an ocean of love and to honor every perspective, every path.

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