Wait a little while longer … why?

I loaned a DVD about Home Funerals to a friend who was going to show it to a family where the husband was dying. She wrote back and said, “I will return the DVD but I never showed it to my friends. They just couldn’t deal with it. The husband continues to transition, but they still have not brought hospice in. He says he just isn’t ready yet. Although it seems to me that things are progressing rather rapidly. I will be there for them and help them however I can. I know everyone needs to choose their own path on this journey.”

I see this “just wait a little while longer” attitude in many people facing death. I know I won’t know until I get there, but it seems short-sighted to me! Face it, get it over with, and then live 200%! I also know I must be accepting and compassionate with other people’s decisions, even if it doesn’t agree with mine. But I feel families miss out on soooo much by putting off the inevitable – last conversations, all the help hospice can offer and thus more time for the family to take care of other things.

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